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The Aegis Saga Cracked for PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack from – The Aegis Saga is a text-based adventure game.

The curse eats the world while humans war for scraps. Will you battle, run, or lead your kin to the stars? Or on the other hand lethally climb the human position of authority?

Features The Aegis Saga Cracked:

  • Play as a male or female human, or as an ungendered turan; gay or straight.
  • Race through an unfriendly city on the rear of a feaclaw.
  • Sell out the trust of a ground-breaking shaman as he instructs you to move time.
  • Discover love on the shingle adjacent to a serene water garden.
  • Find out about glyf and how your magic can adjust or pulverize you!
  • See your character change with your character improvement, without being secured in choices to win details checks.
  • Rehash a page you missed, or skirt ahead during a second perused.

Two races conflict; humans and turans- – human friction versus turan magic. At the point when the turans’ precursors left the world to stroll between stars, wild magic started returning.

Presently humans war to fill the vacuum, heedless to the magical curse that is hustling to smother the entire landmass. High in their levels, the last turans must pick: Fight, follow their predecessors into the stars, or die. Furthermore, their destiny lays on the life of a human kid.

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The Aegis Saga is a 280,00-word intelligent dream novel by Charles Parkes, where your decisions influence the story. It’s altogether text-based—without designs or audio cues—and filled by the tremendous, relentless intensity of your creative mind.

Whether you attempt to comprehend the new universe of the humans, or spotlight on the secrets of the curse, either way, the youngster holds the way to everything.

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