Crew 167 The Grand Block Odyssey Cracked [Repack]


Crew 167 The Grand Block Odyssey Cracked for PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack from – Crew 167 The Grand Block Odyssey is a puzzle story game.

Crew 167 gets himself alone on a spaceship plunging towards a goal that might be the salvation that his house is looking for. Detached, his psyche starts to make mental trips to keep him engaged.

Plunge into the psyche of the character as he attempts to comprehend his general surroundings.

Features Crew 167 The Grand Block Odyssey Cracked:

  • A puzzle game where you’re remunerated with true to life story-telling.
  • Dive into a mental and air true to life riddle as you understand puzzles right now experience.
  • Crew 167 is the story of same-named character who ends up disconnected amidst an interstellar excursion.
  • His home planet, Source, is seriously experiencing environmental change and a reinforcement plan is basic for his house planet’s endurance.
  • In any case, in the wake of going for longer than a century, the embed in his mind has started to give indications of glitch and is beginning to influence his psychological well-being.

After an excursion of practically 3.5 years, we’re pleased to at last be discharging the full access to Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey.

The discharge will incorporate a spic and span section to finish up the story that was open on Early Access. Examine and uncover what is truly occurring with Crew 167, beginning this April 8.

In space, nobody can hear you sokoban.

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Give a valiant effort to sift through reality from mental trips as a breaking down embed in the leader of the main Crew 167 causes peculiarly addictive sliding block puzzles to show everywhere.

Find the history of his destroyed home world as he attempts to finish his excursion to Hope 9, a potential new asylum for mankind, expecting he can get away from the shelter of his own psyche first.

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